Tyler Merry

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May 20, 2015

Why Consistency is important in your design process

One thing we designers don’t always take into account nearly enough is the value of consistency. We let our schedules go crazy, we strike whenever inspiration happens to hit, and we solve problems with in what-ever tools are available or popular at the

Apr 5, 2019

Test Driven UX

Test driven development has been around for 12 years and in the past ~3 it has really transformed from best practice to standard place. TDD transends programming languages, coding best practices, and software

Mar 11, 2018

2017 recap, 2018 goals.

Every year I try to document out what I am trying to accomplish the next year. As one might expect I don't always get my goals, but it's nice to have a good

Mar 3, 2018

Books I read in 2017

Debt: The First 5,000 Years - A summary of the history of debt, and how it has helped form a modern society. I loved their hypothesis that debt predated money, and how

Dec 11, 2017

Network End-to-End Health Checker

Network End-to-End Health Checker

I am helping a friend with a business he is starting. One thing he wants is the ability to test a network health remotely and regularly from an endpoint, not just using the

Dec 10, 2017

UX Interview Questions

Over the years I have been apart of several interview teams, and have been interviewed several times for new jobs. I realized pretty quick questions I like to have answered and the questions

Jan 29, 2017

New side project!

I am starting a new side project with my soon to be wife. Travel Save and Be Merry is a travel and personal finance blog that helps people save money while traveling the

Jan 3, 2017

Prime Number Sieve

The goal of this project it to: Practice math Build a prime Siev Entertain me on an airplane First thing we need to do is build an empty array with a bunch of

Dec 27, 2016

2016 recap, 2017 goals

2016 Accomplishments My 2016 goals should ideally follow my life goals. Career Front-end developer Technical reviewed a book on React Reviewed portfolios for the front-end developer program with turing and offered to be

Nov 3, 2016

Best game to stream

The goal of this project it to: Practice consuming a rest api (or json file) with node Practice building, sorting, and cycling through arrays Figure out which game has the best ratio of

Nov 3, 2016

Stock Prices part 1

You are handed a Back To The Future 2 style book. Instead of the almanac though, its tomorrows stock results. For this exercise we are going to work out a way to figure

Sep 8, 2016

My Goals

Be a better front end web developer Give 1 talk per year on front-end development Create enough bugs that I know why I am messing up, don't create those bugs in the future