My favorite TV and Movies I consumed in 2023

My favorite TV and Movies I consumed in 2023

I have been watching a fair bit of TV and Movies in 2023, I wanted to document them so perhaps in the future I can comeback and view myself as being pretentious, childish, innocent, callous or assorted other self judgements.


Everything Everywhere All at Once - I appreciate how the main character struggles with the ordinary nature of life, and the pressures she places on herself on behalf of other people.

Paper Lives - Turkish title: Kagittan Hayatlar. Perhaps I am heavily biased because I am in Turkiye when I watched it, but I felt like color of the lighting in all of the scenes in the workshop was very interesting. The empathetic part of me really connected with a few of the characters. I appreciated how the subject material was sad, but it was painted with a really realistic human lens. I really appreciated the ending, it has been a while since I felt like I didn’t see anything like that coming. It isn’t the highest rated movie, but its my list and I liked it.

Under the Silver Lake - Very weird movie. It reminded me of the summers of my youth watching Brick. It was also not the highest IMDB rating, but I enjoyed it.

Triangle of Sadness - With the amount of travel and online content I consume it was really pungent. Maybe its schadenfreude, but I found it very funny.

Weird - The Weird Al Documentary My brother told me about his experience watching this not knowing it was satire, I am pretty sure I would have found this funny with out that, but with that, I found it hilarious.


White Lotus season 2 - I really liked how so much information is packed into scenes where no one is talking. The artwork, the mundane tasks, the subtle “mistakes” all carry a bit of meaning in them.

Ted Lasso - I have enjoyed this whole series, this season isn’t my favorite, but I have grown to like the characters enough that it still makes my list. I also started watching Shrinking which I think has the same writing team. I am spotting a bunch of unrealistic dialog in both which is making the shows seem a little fake, but still very heart warming. They both make me wish I had a team of writers who help me say the hard things in life in a funny way.

Last of Us - I couldn’t connect to Walking Dead (despite having read some of the comic book), I couldn’t connect with The Witcher (despite playing some of the game). So There is something about the story

Photo was taken in Patara Turkiye where we saw a Roman theater.