What I use

I have a very small collection of things that I use very frequently. For the past few months I have been traveling so my office/desk supplies are very much limited to what the plalce I am staying has on has.

What do I use daily?

Physical Things
  • Tom Bign Synapse - All my stuff when I travel location to location is stored in carried around in a 25L backpack. I choose the Synapse mostly because of all the positive reviews it has gotten online. I like it well enough, but probably not worth the price when so many other great backpacks are out there
  • Asus ROG g14 - My daily driver computer is a 14 inch Asus laptop. I originally got it because I liked having a high powered video card+processor. I will probably end up running linux on it shortly because my window management solution on windows is lacking
  • Nexstand - This is a knock off roost stand. Inhindsight I would have given the money to the original creators and gotten the slightly smaller version to save a little bit of weight
  • USB-C second monitor - I have a cheap second monitor, brand is Arzopa. Color accuracy is iffy, it no longer runs both data and power off USB-C (needs hdmi + usbc power). despite its downsides it is great to have a second screen with documentation on it. Brand/model is Arzopa A1 Gamut Mini.
  • NuPhy Air v75 Has been working great for me so far, probably could have saved a little weight and size going with the v60, but the switches and keycaps are great. I have tried a slew of mechanical keyboards in a variety of configurations. I previously traveled with a WASD tkl, it was a bit larger but it worked.
  • Anki - Open source flashcard program. I use it on both computer + phone. I throw small facts that I need to recall quickly in there and drill myself daily
  • Memrise - I previously used duolingo + anki for vocab, but I have been enjoying memrise a bit more lately. Both are probably a worse choice then talking with someone and making mistakes.
  • VSCode - I spent some time getting good at emacs but it felt like my ide was broken 20% of the time and it was turning ginto a barrier to learnin anything other then emacs