2022 Recap, 2023 Goals

What I hoped to accomplish

  • Be supportive of family during trying times. This will be demonstrated by physical and emotional proximity and support. Yep, We took ~2 months off to take care of Randi’s dad
  • Have a better understanding of what motivates me. This will be demonstrated by a 14 day period of feeling productive without a fiscal reward. Through out the year I had several little side projects I made, that I enjoyed. I built a system to keep track of my personal possessions in a new backend js framework. I also starte building a system to keep track of the movies and TV shows I have watched in a way where I can prioritize what I am watching in the future
  • Beat the video game Portal 2. Yep
  • Beat the video Back 4 blood Yep
  • Beat the video game Hadies. Yep
  • Define who I want to be, this will be shown in something like [Zen of Python] Yep, more on that later
  • Be comfortable saying \“I am a developer\” (This started as build an crud app that I fully understand. After applying for a job I switched this goal to something that sounded better, Finish SICP book) I built the crud app, but didn’t finish SICP

What I accomplished that wasn’t a goal

  • Biked from Paris to Olm Germany
  • Started using trusted house and house sat for 5+ people
  • Flossed every day
  • I did work for a chunk of the year, but we were mostly traveling through out the year and I enjoyed that deeply.

Who I hope to be

I wanted to create something like the zen of python that I use to guide some of my decisions. These are what I am going to go with for now.

  • Helpful when asked, and supportive when needed.
  • Puts others first, yet avoids being a happiness pump.
  • Works hard when hard work is needed.
  • Doesn’t work on the unnecessary, unless it brings happiness
  • I try my best to treat everyone like a peer and I avoid people who view themselves as better than others due to something they had little control over.
  • I am honest with myself and honest with others.

What I hope to do in 2023

  • I saw me weight jump as high as 193 in the stress of helping care for Randi’s dad in his final days, I am guessing that had a lot to do with the place he was living had a ton of access to candy and junk food. I would like to see that drop down to 175 again. I am going to accomplish this by the following.
    • Run 5 miles with out walking 1 time thought out the year.
    • Continue using my timer between firsts and seconds for meals.
  • My current blog is built using a piece of software I wrote that uses google drive to get articles from. This worked well, but was reasonably brittle.
    • Launch a new blog using a different tech stack
    • Write 5 posts for tymerry.com
    • Write 5 posts for travel save and be merry.
  • I was pretty close to journaling everyday in 2022, I would like to keep that going in 2023 and do Daily Stoic every day.
  • I would like to either get a remote job in 2023, or apply to grad school.