There is a new product that has slowly been gaining traffic called the grid. The Grid has a really impactful product video that was created by the ever powerful sandwich video.

This product is still early stages, so before I toss aside my sketch/cc account I want to see how the product actually works in production. Without a working demo, they are selling vaporware, all product video, no product. This isn\‘t the first demo video for a similar service, but they rarely come to fruition. The idea that \“impactful\” design can be automated is still a bit out. A coworker built an evolutionary algorithm to help with just one small aspect of the web design, ITS AWESOME, but it took awhile to make, and is a small part of design. IMHO, The problem with replacing human designers with AI systems is that the ranking algorithms for what is good design is a work in progress. It will happen eventually, but for now I think we should feel comfortable with our superiority over our binary counterparts.