2020 Recap, 2021 Goals

2020 was a rough year for a lot of people, luckily I was able to stay mostly healthy for the year. Both Randi and I kept jobs, and our investments did average, which ended up being pretty good. As a whole I feel really luck for the year, but it did have some emotional

2020 Goals

  • Meditate 180 days - I meditated ~50 times. Not anything I am proud of, but still something.
  • Publish 12 blog posts - Def didn’t happen, I think published 0 posts.
  • Read 12 books - I finished 6 books, which makes me feel good, the year before I finished 52, which was exhausting, and I thought that after that I wouldn’t want to read again. I also realized in my 52 book slog that a lot of the gains from reading a book are in the first 25%, so forcing yourself through books you don’t care about only helps you feel superior to others and makes you a bit less fun to talk to.
  • Build 1 online product, could be free or paid - We kept working on poopbets!

Some things I accomplished:

  • Got a job offer to Amazon which I turned down.
  • Helped Randi at metro caring, and built a little web app for them using vue.
  • Crossed a financial milestone I had been working toward for years.
  • Biked independence pass, Vailpass, lookout mountain, did a century ride, and mt. evans

That happened

  • I also fractured my kneecap which resulted in my being in a immobilizer for 6 weeks. (currently recovering from that.)
  • Randi and I realized two people working from home in a studio wasn’t working for us and moved into a spacious 1 bedroom.

What I would like to accomplish in 2021

  • Write 6 blog posts
  • Publish 1 video to youtube
  • Prep to be a digital nomad