2016 Recap, 2017 Goals


My 2016 goals should ideally follow my life goals.


  • Front-end developer

  • Technical reviewed a book on [React]

  • Reviewed portfolios for the front-end developer program with turing and offered to be a mentor. I also gave a talk here. [slides]

  • Got SAFe Certified

  • Designer

  • Continued co-hosting Denver UX. We have gone 12 months, spun up a newsletter and slack channel. Both can be accessed from the Website.

  • Gave two talks with general assembly and reviewed portfolios for their UX program. Design Thinking Mobile UX Fundamentals. I also spoke on a few panels about finding a job in Denver, and the state of the UX community.

  • Gave talk on Sketching a couple times slides. One time was for a gSchool class

  • Worked with Denver library, and Denver public schools to mentor and teach classes on UX and development.

  • Did portfolio reviews with CodeCraft

  • Gave a talk with Denver Workforce Development [slides]


  • Boyfriend

  • Got engaged

  • Randi claims I get a 3.7 for remain calm in frustrating situations... hehe

  • Friend

  • I helped someone move, but this year I seemed to help my friends more by picking them up from the airport.

  • Spanish

  • Still chugging along, need to set some more quantifyable short term goals for this.

  • Strength

  • Healthy

  • Hiked and ran a fair amount, for the times I rememberd to turn on strava you can check out my data [here]

  • Bierstat, quandy, huron holycross. Also [hiked and biked CO Trail section 7]

  • Minimalism

  • My Bonzi tree died

  • I tried to pack light but as always could have done better. I am sure I can do lighter.

  • Contentment

  • I guess I need to figure out how to quantify this. I feel like I did pretty good, but like most things I could do better.


  • Saving

  • Managed to save a significant portion of my income which will hopefully lead to early retirement.

  • Earning

  • Improved and sold a house

  • Got a raise

2017 GOALS

  • Update ghost blog to latest version

  • Give one talk on front-end web development or prototyping

  • Give one talk on design or UX.

  • Keep calm in frustrating situations

  • Keep helping friends in need

  • Get my rep bench up to 135

  • Do 3 pull-ups

  • Keep on endurance and hike type activities.

  • Write 12 things (blog posts, books, etc)

  • Travel to Italy and Siesta Keys with only a backpack.

  • Keep on saving!