What I Learned At Aea

  • Performance isn't a bolt on addition, its user experience, and it needs to be thought about from the begining

  • [http://stylifyme.com/]

  • What will I do: write a blog post

  • [http://www.webpagetest.org/]

  • We can use more exciting layouts, it doesn't NEED to be columns

  • Mockup magazines on the web

  • Unified UX - Cameron Moll

  • Experiences have to be similar, users expect CNN to look like CNN

  • Do not say "click this button" sometimes it should be "tap this button"

  • Content for zombies

  • the theme of this event is definitely about content.

  • Content should be broken up into small chunks that are digestible from the presentation layer.

  • [image of change]

  • Everyone is customer service

  • The idea that you are spending budget to do user testing is really weird, people complaining that about your product... USER THAT feedback

  • Have non-customer support people do customer support

  • Try and talk to the people doing support as much as possible!

  • Being successful isn't a super simple formula, Matt Haughey thinks listening to your customers increases your chances of being successful.


Tyler Merry