About Me

About Me

Who is Tyler Merry?

In the past I have been called a designer who does some dev stuff. Lately I have shifted to more of a developer who sometimes does design work. I have spoken at a few small meetups, and helped technical review books, but my favorite thing to do is to volunteer at the library teaching kids to code, and at a local bike shop that helps people fix their bikes for free/cheap.

I am a lifelong learner and helper. For a picture of what I prioritize in live checkout my goals from 2018. I currently live in Colorado and love to travel. Some of my favorite places so far have been Ljubljana and Kuala Lumpur. I work for a company called The Motley Fool as a developer doing python and front end dev.

I like to build silly little programs that do stuff like tell you what games on twitch are getting a lot of viewers or financial calculators https://tymerry-calculators.netlify.com/.

If you want to reach out to me perhaps send a message to my linkedin!